Jin Shin Jyutsu Professional Practitioner Course FAQs

What is the difference between this course and the 5-day Basic Seminar you offer?

A 5-day basic seminar offers approximately 35 hours of instruction and practice while the Professional Practitioner Course offers 151 hours, including more than 60 hours of practical learning.

The other major difference between the 5-day basic seminar and the Professional Practitioner Course is assessment. The student attending the 5-day basic seminar is not tested or assessed for knowledge or skills. In the Professional Practitioner Course there is continual assessment of participation and contributions, presentations, homework, papers, attendance, practicum learning and more.

What if I need to miss one or more weekends of the course?

Even though full attendance is optimal, we recognize that obligations and events beyond one’s control may occur in the course of a year. If a participant needs to miss one or more days, it is their responsibility to make up the time missed and complete any assignments. All assignments will be posted on Moodle and the day-to-day study guide will be helpful. If a more substantial amount of time is missed, such as an entire weekend, then the participant may need to arrange a study session with an instructor, at their own expense. Excessive absence could result in an incomplete grade.