By Susan Lieberman

We are the Natural Healing Alliance. Our primary focus is you! We are here to specifically support energy and light-touch practitioners of the natural healing arts. Our main message is that you have the right to practice as unlicensed professionals, and the community at large has the right to fully access your modalities as a complement to conventional western medicine. The NHA believes that energy and light-touch therapies play a vital role in the future of healthcare in the Unities States. Our vision is for non-invasive, natural healing arts to be recognized as legitimate, independent forms of practice in providing preventive, natural, and cost effective care.

Our mission is three fold:

  1. To advocate for your rights as energy and light-touch natural healing art practitioners so you can practice unencumbered by state licensing laws, as well as your client's right to choose.
  2. To further facilitate professionalism by providing cross-modality standards of practice, code of ethics, practice guidelines, professional development courses, networking and professional opportunities.
  3. To spread awareness of the benefits of natural healing therapies and provide a portal through which the community at large can access these therapies and obtain education for natural self-care.

In order to achieve our vision and mission, we need your support. Join the NHA as a professional member. To join go to:  We are also accepting donations. We can help you faster if everyone chips in. To donate, go to: